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WWE Backstage Report: April 7, 2020



The panel returns to talk about the Women’s Division!

Rhea Ripley VS Charlotte Flair for the NXT Women’s Champion was an “absolute clinic.” Paige says she loved it all. Charlotte won but Rhea stepped up to the plate. No one expects NXT talent to be on the Grandest Stage of Them All like that, but Rhea killed it. But props to Charlotte for another five star instant classic. Charlotte is the Queen and Paige is happy she’s back on top. Mostly because it annoys a lot of people, but that just means Charlotte’s doing her job right. Renee says Rhea and Charlotte beat the hell out of each other.

Christian says that from a wrestling perspective, it was the best wrestled match of the weekend. He liked the psychology of working the leg, it came into play. Fans are worried about Rhea, but Christian isn’t. Rhea is an NXT talent that got to be on WrestleMania! And she did amazing against Charlotte! Rhea is young, talented, and can go back and forth with Charlotte for years to come. The WWE is on the right track with Rhea.

Moving on from The Queen, the panel discusses The Man! Becky Lynch has been on a roll, but so has Shayna Baszler. Shayna had a huge part in the Survivor Series build, and got her 1v1 shot at Becky. Becky won the highly anticipated match but by the skin of her teeth. Today is the full year anniversary of Becky Lynch becoming Raw Women’s Champion! What does everyone think of that?

Booker knows the subject has been what Becky has to do, and he still says she just needs to continue living up to her nickname. She showed up and showed out again. Booker was on the fence in regards to Shayna, but she also stepped up and performed on that next level. Shayna has done big stuff and will do big stuff in the WWE, and he liked her promo after. “The thrill of victory and the agony of defeat.” Shayna will have her thrill of victory on Raw soon enough, she just has to wait. Christian agrees with Booker, he wondered if Shayna was ready. But now Christian feels that no one is ready, until they get their shot. You don’t know what to do about that situation until you’re in it.

Christian notes Shayna definitely has something different among the Women’s Division. She has a Lesnar-like intimidation factor when she walks in a room. And he also notes that Shayna lost but she wasn’t beaten. It was a roll-up victory. Much like Lesnar comes back scarier after a defeat, Shayna will do that next. Renee moves things from WrestleMania Weekend to the Raw After Mania. After the break, Backstage discusses the return of a long-time favorite of theirs.

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