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WWE Backstage Report: April 7, 2020



George Kittle goes Backstage!

The San Francisco 49ers’ Tight End was watching WrestleMania 36 and doing a reaction stream for Night 2. Kevin’s WrestleMania Moment of jumping off the WrestleMania definitely got him to react. As did Morrison’s lucky win of the SmackDown Tag titles, and Otis dropping the Caterpillar on Ziggler. Oh, and getting the girl, too.

Kittle now talks with Renee and Booker and says it’s hard to pick a favorite match. But if he had to, it has to be the Boneyard Match. It was so unique, and The Undertaker can still wrestle for several decades if he does matches like that. Renee likes the way he thinks. Kittle’s expectations were nothing. He didn’t know what to expect from the Boneyard Match of the Firefly Fun House Match. Both were so different, but Taker throwing guys off the roof is just awesome. Renee brings it back to Kittle’s reaction stream, and asks his thoughts specifically on Rollins VS Owens. Seth Rollins is his favorite wrestler after meeting him a couple times at Rollins’ wrestling school in Iowa. The match was great, it covered a lot of ground, and KO jumping off the sign was just nuts. He would love to see more.

Booker saw Kittle is a big fan of Otis. How cool was it for Otis to get his revenge? Kittle loved it. Kittle loves seeing when a wrestler works hard and get the reward. That whole match was great, especially with Mandy Rose appearing to give Ziggler and Sonya some payback. Booker notes it is almost like Ms. Elizabeth. Yes, it was one of the best moments in Mania history. Renee agrees, it was a beautiful moment. Otis got everything he deserved and Ziggler can hit the bricks.

Renee moves things to Kittle’s NFL career. The Super Bowl didn’t go the way the 49ers wanted, but Kittle still got a great moment meeting The Rock. He only talked to The Rock for like 30 seconds, but his heart was racing. They were on stage together, The Rock gave him an introduction and then they bro-hugged. Kittle just couldn’t believe it, but he’ll always remember the slap on the bicep. Renee brings up Rob Gronkowski, a fellow TE, win the WWE 24/7 Championship. What are Kittle’s feelings on that? That was awesome, too, especially when you consider Gronk’s previous moment of helping Mojo Rawley in the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. Gronk as a host was very entertaining.

Booker wants Kittle to be honest. How does he really feel? Kittle won’t let Booker stir it up. Kittle supports fellow Tight Ends, and Gronk letting his personality out on screen like that was great. Renee wants Booker to share his feelings. Are we having a Promo School pop quiz or something? Booker will go at Kittle. Kittle needs to get some dirt on him in this business. Kittle was being served up Gronk right there but he let it go. Booker wants Kittle to call out Gronk, and be like, “I cannot question your stats.” Gronk’s a three-time Super Bowl Champ, so you just can’t. BUT, Kittle is a first-team all-pro with the TE receiving record! Gronk, you step to Kittle and it’ll be just like Skittles! Break down and taste the rainbow, SUCKAAA! Kittle admits, Booker has him speechless.

Renee thanks Kittle for joining them on the show, and hopefully next time will be in person. Kittle thanks them for having him on, he loved it.

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